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Brow trends come in cycles. One moment, everyone wants Cara Delevingne-level thickness, the next people are shaving their entire arches off because of Rihanna's Edith Piaf moment. No matter which look you prefer, a good tweezer is a necessity. But, what exactly makes a "good" tweezer? A sharp edge? A strong grip? A cushioned hold? To find out, we scoured Amazon for users' top-reviewed picks—mostly from brands you've probably never heard of—and found the best of the best, ahead.

These tweezers worked on everything without a hitch. The grip was tight and firm so there wasn't any breaking off of hair, just a smooth pull. I've gone through a lot of tweezers but all pale in comparison to this brand. They also work as a helpful tool such as picking out splinters, delicate crafting and so forth.

The price is affordable and I have two as backup so that I don't freak out if I lose one. The tips meet and align perfectly, the metal is great quality, but thin enough at the tweezer tip that a single hair or very tiny speck can be grasped easily. I am very happy with them. What people are saying: "I'm no tweezing expert, but I have had a few really terrible tweezers in my day.

After trying these, I realize that I have been in tweezer squalor all my life The grip feels good, and they do not bend as easily as other more cheaply made? However they are sharp And this is the most important feature for any tweezer.

The rubberized insert, while not necessary, does help with comfortably gripping the tweezers, and also help aid precision tweezing. There is no question but that they are the best pair I've ever used.

They are sharp and they stay sharp for a long time. I notice they get dull after a year or so, but I use my tweezers for a lot of things.

Each tweezer is weighty with great tension and perfectly even tips.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Free postage. Surgical Dressing Teethed Tweezers 6. Forceps Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot this week in Surgical Tweezers in Surgical Equipment. Make an offer. Shop by category. More View more categories Less View less categories.

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Classified Ads.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Tweezers are a handy household tool that can help with a variety of beauty and health care tasks. There are many options on the market, and while they may all seem the same, key features can set one pair of tweezers apart from another. For general tips on shopping for tweezers, just keep reading. Grooming eyebrows and other stray hairs: Tweezers are most commonly used to remove stray hairs from around the eyebrows, above the upper lip, or anywhere else that you have unwanted growth.

Plucking out ingrown hairs: Ingrown hairs, or hairs that are trapped beneath your skin, can be unsightly and painful. Tweezers allow you to remove them quickly and easily. Putting on false eyelashes: Applying false eyelashes can be difficult, but using a pair of tweezers to hold the falsies allows you to get as close to the lash line as necessary to apply them precisely.

Doing nail art: If you use small gemstones and other embellishments to decorate your manicure, tweezers make it easy to place them right where you want them. If you have difficulty gripping traditional tweezers, look for a pair with a wide grip. They usually have large oval handles that are easier to hold and control.

The most common type of tweezers features a slant tip with a slight point. They work well for grooming the brows and precise hair removal, as well as applying false eyelashes. Point tip tweezers come to a precise point. They work well for plucking the smallest hairs, removing ingrown hairs, creating nail art, and extracting splinters.

Pointed slant tip tweezers are a combination of the slant tip and point tip styles. Their rounded tips actually work best for tweezing hairs at an angle.

They do work well for applying false lashes, though. These tweezers work especially well for pale or short hairs. Many inexpensive tweezers are made of plastic, which is a lightweight, easy-to-use option. They can also irritate sensitive skin. Most higher-quality tweezers are made of metal. It has all the same benefits of stainless steel but is very lightweight and holds its shape better.

It also cuts down on friction, so the tweezers glide over the skin easily, providing more precision and helping the tool last longer.

Dumont Tweezers from Electron Microscopy Sciences

When it comes to choosing the best type of tweezers for your vanity or medicine. Pointed slant tip tweezers are usually the most versatile option.

Slant tip tweezers work well for general brow grooming and other stray hair removal. Pointed tip tweezers are the best choice if you plan to use them for removing ingrown hairs or very small or fine hairs. Flat tip tweezers are a good choice if you plan to use your tweezers primarily for applying false eyelashes. It sometimes helps to have more than one tweezer type in your makeup bag. Most tweezers are roughly the same size, though you can find options that are slightly larger or smaller.

For the best performance, tweezers should fit comfortably in your hand so you can easily pinch them closed. There are some styles with longer handles, however; these work well for people who need to access hard-to-reach spots.Electron Microscopy Sciences offers a complete range of tweezers to meet your needs.

The Dumont Tweezers are known all over the world for their high quality, durability and detailed engineering. The tweezers are available in sizes from 90 to mm and in a range of designs to suit your application and preferences. Waffle tweezers are ideal for holding many objects. Negative action tweezers allow the grasping of an object without finger pressure. Please see the Tweezers type section for the complete catalog. Biology tweezers tips are usually twice as thin as tips on regular tweezers.

These are especially produced for high precision work under a microscope. The Standard tips are used in high precision work including assembling under a microscope.

These tweezers are often used in watch and jewelry making. Electronic or industrial tips are designed for work that does not require high precision. All tips are hand finished and this may result in some slight variation in size. Pricing for these tweezers is very competitive. Electron Microscopy Sciences specializes in the manufacturing, preparation and distribution of the highest quality laboratory chemicals and microscopy supplies and equipment for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology.

About Cart Home. Tips on Tweezers Biology tweezers tips are usually twice as thin as tips on regular tweezers. Standard Tips. Biological and Medical. Electronics and Micro Electronics. Contact us by email at sgkcck aol.Our best-selling tweezers! Handmade by Swiss craftsmen and made with the finest surgical grade stainless steel.

Featuring a precise degree angled slant tip designed for shaping, grooming eyebrows and delicate contours of the face. The interior of the slant tip is etched to easily grip and pull the hair from the root every time, guaranteed.

These Splinter Tweezers are handmade by trained Swiss craftsman and will remove anything embedded under the skin i ngrown hairs, thorns, glass, or splinters of any kind with near surgical accuracy. A must-have for every household! Easy, pain-free removal of ingrown hairs, splinters, thorns, glass, or metal particles every time, guaranteed.

A favorite with estheticians, professional waxers and electrologists. This Waxing Tweezer is designed for body hair removal and is often used after waxing to remove the hairs that wax misses. Wax can easily be removed from the tweezer without causing any damage. Made by trained Swiss craftsmen, every tweezer goes through a step finishing process and final test under a microscope to ensure tweezer tips are in perfect alignment.

Perfect your daily beauty routine with our two best selling tweezers so you'll always have the right tool for the right job. The slant tip tweezers grabs the tiniest hair. They are perfect for between eyebrow waxes to get those stubborn stragglers!

They are very sharp and precise. You don't have to worry about hair breaking while tweezing. The splinter tip tweezers are excellent for handling ingrown hair, removing splinters and other delicate grasping tasks. Every household should have a pair in their first aid kit. Always keep the end cap on the tweezers so the tip is protected and stays in alignment.

surgical tweezers uk

Sterilize tweezers after each use with using a small amount of rubbing alcohol using a clean cloth or cotton ball, and dry well. Slant Tip Tweezer is handmade by Swiss craftsmen and made with the finest surgical grade stainless steel. Features a precise degree angled slant tip designed for shaping, grooming eyebrows and delicate contours of the face. Face the day with confidence thanks to this custom carrying compact with 10X high quality distortion free magnifying mirror!

Sculpt your nails to perfection with this set of three glass files that are handcrafted by expert artisans in the Czech Republic - renowned for high-quality glass and crystal. Get two files in one with each file having graduated rougher grit on one side and graduated ultra-smooth grit on the other side. The rougher side is designed to fix, repair, and shape nails. The smoother side is for smoothing and sealing nails. These amazing crystal glass files work very well on extremely hard nails as well as very soft nails.

Ordinary nail files create tiny fractures in your nail which can weaken the nail and cause the nail to split and become brittle. These crystal glass files are so hard and the filing surface so extremely fine, you can file in any direction without damaging the nail. Use regularly on your nails to eliminate nicks, snags, or tears and leave your nails feeling completely smooth and sealed, promoting healthy nail growth.

The files are two-sided, use the abrasive side to file thicker nails, shape nails, and to exfoliate hardened skin and callouses.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

surgical tweezers uk

Welcome to Medicalcorner24! User Login. Holthaus Medical Splinter Tweezers, Stainless. Holthaus Medical splinter forceps Feilchenfeld, 9 cm, 1 item. Tweezers are handy, precise tools that can safely grab and hold even tiny objects. The selection includes diverse tweezers made of non-reflective metal in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the model, the available tweezers are suitable for many tasks in the medical or cosmetic field, e.

List Grid. AnThe tweezers Adson von Hartmann is straight, with a length of 12 cm and out of the Peha-instrument range. Add to Cart. The splinter tweezers by Holthaus Medical are fitted with a magnifying glass with threefold magnification. The splinter forceps Feilchenfeld from Holthaus Medical is 9 cm long and is used to remove as Metal or wood splinters. The Hartmann tweezers Adson from Peha-disposable instruments series is anatomic straight, has a length of 12 cm and is made of non-reflective stainless steel.

VAT plus shipping costs and if applicable cash on delivery, if not otherwise described. Anatomical Tweezers Adson, straight, by Hartmann, 12 cm, 25 items. Learn More. Add to Wishlist Add to Cart. The splinter tweezers by Holthaus Medical are 8 cm long and made of stainless steel.

Holthaus Medical Anatomical Tweezers, 14,5cm, Stainless. The anatomical tweezers by Holthaus Medical are 14,5 cm long and made of stainless steel. Behrend disposable tweezer, plastic, sterile, 12,5cm.

The disposable tweezers from Behrend, made of plastic, are sterile and have a size of 12,5 cm. Hartmann Forceps Adson, straight, 12 cm, glare-free, 1 item. Anatomical Tweezers, standard, straight, by Hartmann, 14 cm, 25 items. Disposable anatomical tweezers to seize and hold sensitive tissue. Surgical Tweezers, standard, straight, by Hartmann, 14 cm, 25 items. Precise disposable tweezers to seize and hold non-sensitive tissue.

Add to Wishlist Out of stock. Splinter Tweezers, straight, by Hartmann, 9 cm, 25 items. Precise tweezers to remove foreign matter. Surgical Tweezers DeBakey, straight, by Hartmann, 15,5 cm, 25 items. Fine disposable surgical tweezers to seize and hold sensitive tissue. Surgical Tweezers Adson Micro, straight, by Hartmann, 12 cm, 25 items. Surgical straight tweezers of the Peha-instrument range by Hartmann, 12 cm long.Precision tweezers for ingrown hair stainless.

Made of clinically graded steel.

Second-hand Surgical Tweezers for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites

Bestope blackhead remover 6 pcs comedone extractor. Tweezers forceps 5. Pixnor precision tweezer set, 9pcs tweezers kit. O cuspidal and curving forcep head, easier to operate. Mosquito forceps hemostat haemostatic clamp.

High quality stainless steel medical tweezers these are high quality stainless steel medical tweezers.

surgical tweezers uk

Made of stainless steel material, anti rust, high hardness, strong and durable to use. This Surgical Cotton Dressing Thumb is in like new beautiful condition, don't think it was ever used.

Works perfectly. Being stored in Newcastle upon Tyne. Iris forceps tweezers non sterile brand new, unused and well balanced pair of serrated jaws forceps tweezersmade of s. London College Cotton Locking. Z reptiles feeding tong tweezers forceps metal. Skidproof design of its handle makes it convenient to hold. The earliest your item will be dispatched is monday th august. Feita precision tweezers - professional stainless. C-industriesfree shipping in united kingdomwelcome to our ebay store to purchase in bulk with discounted shipping fee.

Remos tweezers curved, stainless, length Bestope blackhead remover curved tweezer blackhead. Tip tooth pattern is clear, good tooth mouth anastomosis. O not easy to rust, protecting you from rust infection. Great looking surgical tweezersonly used twice. Have a good look at the pictures as I'm having a clear out. Please pay straight away as I will only post from Delivered anywhere in UK once payment has cleared.

Many thanks. O skidproof design of its handle makes it convenient to hold. Thank you. I offer them at great price!


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