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George McFarland October 2, — June 30, was an American actor most famous for his appearances as a child as Spanky in the Our Gang series of short-subject comedies of the s and s.

Before joining the Our Gang comedies, "Sonny," as he was called by his family, modeled children's clothing for a Dallas department store and was also seen around the Dallas area on highway billboards and in print advertisements for Wonder Bread. This established Sonny early on in the local public's eye as an adorable child model and provided experience before cameras.

In Januaryin response to a trade magazine advertisement from Hal Roach Studios in Culver CityCaliforniarequesting photographs of "cute kids," Spanky's Aunt Dottie Virginia's sister sent pictures from Sonny's portfolio. An invitation for a screen test arrived that spring, leading to his acting career. McFarland's nickname "Spanky" is erroneously said to have arisen from warnings by his mother not to misbehave during one of the initial discussions with Hal Roach in his office.

As the story goes, he had a habit of reaching out and grabbing things, and on doing so his mother Virginia would say, "Spanky, spanky, mustn't touch!

The term "a spanky child" was lateth- to earlyth-century slang for an intelligent, gifted toddler.

US report: Prince Harry's 'real dad' revealed

Spanky was an example of such a child in his earliest movies—a toddler who could act—so the name had meaning to the movie-going audience of that era that was lost for later generations. Use of the "Spanky" name by McFarland for subsequent business or personal activities was expressly granted to McFarland in one of his studio contracts. In later years some family members would affectionately refer to him as "Spank.

Upon being discovered at age three, he instantly became a key member of the Our Gang children's comedy movie series and one of Hollywood's stars.

His earliest films show him as an outspoken toddler, grumpily going along with the rest of the gang. His scene-stealing abilities brought him more attention, and by he was the de facto leader of the gang, often paired with Carl "Alfalfa" Switzerand always the enterprising "idea man.

Spanky McFarland's only starring feature-film role was in the Hal Roach film General Spankyan unsuccessful attempt to move the Our Gang series into features. Upon his return to civilian life, indelibly typecast in the public's mind as "Spanky" from Our Gang, he found himself unable to find work in show business. He took less glamorous jobs, including work at a soft drink plant, a hamburger stand, and a popsicle factory.

The show included a studio audience and appearances by other celebrities such as James Arnessand it ran Little Rascals shorts. After that stint, he continued at odd jobs: selling wine, operating a restaurant and night club, and selling appliances, electronics, and furniture. He was selling for Philco-Ford Corporation, where he advanced to national sales training director.Sparky worked as one of Charlie Jolson's heavies and was a close associate of Jake Jolson.

He was seen during the game to have a liking for electrocuting people, such as Johnny Chaia captured member of the Triads.

It is implied by Jake that he trained as an electrician before joining the Bethnal Green Mob. Sparky also seemed to like explosives as he helped to arrange a bomb for Charlie to use against his rivals.

Sparky was later killed by Mark Hammond following a shootout at Charlie's depot. Before being killed by Mark, Sparky mocked Mark by saying that Mark would be glowing in the dark after Sparky had finished with him. Not much is known about Sparky's early life. It is believed he was born in London in the late 's and was a long time friend of Jake Jolson. BySparky was working for the Bethnal Green Mob as a heavy.

Sparky liked to enjoy torturing people with an electric wire, at Charlie's warehouse in Southwark. Sparky had enjoyed electrocuting Johnny to the music of Junior Senior's 'Come On', until Jake Jolson arrived, having just been broken out of prison by Mark.

Sparky was very happy to see Jake. Sparky let Jake beat the Triad to death, although he seemed a bit uncomfortable that Jake was losing control, whereas Sparky is much more calmer than his friend.

Mark Phillips

Jake had caught Mark in Charlie's office and showed Mark Johnny's body. On seeing this, Mark accused Jake of being "sick in the head", which caused Jake to threaten Mark. Sparky had to restrain Jake as they needed Mark to get rid of Johnny's body.

Sparky later accompanied Jake along with Eyebrows outside Charlie's depot in an attempt to take advantage of Mark. However, Mark played a trick on them by putting a cat in the bag instead of the drug money.

Sparky (Ghostbusters)

Sparky attempted to kill Mark for tricking Jake. The two men fought each other in Charlie's depot. However, Mark ended up killing Sparky. Jake was upset and angry and attempted to kill Mark in retaliation for Sparky's death, but was stopped by Charlie.

Charlie saw Sparky's death as an act of betrayal and locked Mark in the basement of his warehouse as he had plans for Mark. Sparky was involved in Charlie Jolson's final plan to eliminate all the other gang leaders in London. At some point prior to his death, Sparky had consturcted a bomb for Charlie.She is Anastasia Tremaine and Drizella Tremaine 's selfish mother, and Cinderella's harsh and wicked stepmother and arch-nemesis.

She is based on the character of the original fairytale. In the two sequels, she was voiced by Susanne Blakeslee. Prior to the beginning of the story, Lady Tremaine married Cinderella's wealthy father, who wanted to give his daughter a mother figure, and sisters in the person of Lady Tremaine's daughters Anastasia and Drizella.

She also has a black cat named Lucifer. After Cinderella's father suddenly died though the cause of death was unknownTremaine revealed her true nature, smiling wickedly while Cinderella was mourning the death of her father, without even bothering to pretend mourning.

During the following years, she wasted the family's wealth to spoil her bratty and obnoxious daughters and reduced Cinderella to a lowly servant, abusing her out of jealousy for her beauty and kindness. When the Tremaines are invited to a ball organized by the king to find a wife for his son, Cinderella asks to go with them, arguing that "each fair maiden in the kingdom is invited".

Lady Tremaine agrees under the conditions that she gets all of her chores done and that she finds something suitable to wear, but Cinderella does not realize that Lady Tremaine is only giving her hopes to better crush them.

While Cinderella works very hard to do the immensely quantitative amount of chores given by Anastasia and Drizella, her bird and mice friends make her an extremely gorgeous dress from the clothes discarded by the Tremaine sisters. When Cinderella shows up, prettier than the Tremaines will ever be, Tremaine pretends to let this be by reminding that it was part of the deal and recognizes the necklace that she wears as one of Drizella's old pieces of jewelry.

She subtly compliments this as the "right touch" for Cinderella before pointing it out to her daughters, who tear Cinderella's dress to shreds in a rage, accusing her of stealing their clothing. This cruelly breaks Cinderella's spirit as she dissolves into tears while Tremaine mocks her by bidding her goodnight.

mark sparky phillips wiki

Fortunately, Cinderella attends the ball thanks to her Fairy Godmother who gives her a marvelous attire, and she and the Prince fall in love. Meanwhile, Tremaine spies on them because the unknown princess looks familiar to her and she hears them singing, but is unable to spy any further as the Grand Duke orders her to give them privacy.

The next day, Lady Tremaine learns that the Grand Duke is looking for the maid who fits the glass slipper that Cinderella lost in her hurry, so that the Prince could marry her.

Furious, she follows her upstairs and locks her in her room, keeping the key in her pocket. The Duke arrives and tries the slipper on Drizella and Anastasia but it does not fit their enormous feet.

As the Duke prepares to leave, Cinderella arrives, having been freed by the mice who managed to steal the key. Lady Tremaine tried to dissuade the Duke not to let Cinderella try the slipper, but the Duke sternly states that the King's orders were to have every maiden in the kingdom try it, including Cinderella.

Knowing that the slipper will fit Cinderella, Lady Tremaine resorts to a last underhanded and manipulative trick, tripping the lackey to shatter the slipper on the floor wth her cane.

She grins victoriously, reveling in the Duke's despair, but Cinderella foils this by displaying the other slipper and putting it on easily to prove to the Duke that she was the one who danced with the Prince. This leaves Lady Tremaine and her daughters shocked and ruined, allowing Cinderella to move out and marry the Prince. Several days following the Royal Banquet and the Spring Festival, Lady Tremaine tells both Drizella and Anastasia of an incoming ball that Cinderella is hosting for the kingdom, and that they are invited.

She demands both girls to take the opportunity to find men of good wealth and nobility at the ball.

PsychomaniaTV: Interview Sparky - Demented Are Go - Potsdam 2014

She then leads the girls to buy new gowns at the marketplace, where she learns of a blooming romance between Anastasia who is portrayed in a much more positive light and a young baker apprentice. Believing that the baker is of no importance due to being a commoner, Lady Tremaine forbids Anastasia to ever see or speak with him again, much to Anastasia's distress. The next day, Lady Tremaine spotted Anastasia in her new gown loaned by Cinderella riding off in a carriage to meet up with the baker.

She and Drizella eventually catch up to them at a fountain, where Tremaine berated Anastasia for disobeying her. However, Anastasia decided that she is better off with the baker and breaks off her ties with Lady Tremaine, who storms off in a huff with a reluctant Drizella.

One year after the first movie, Anastasia witnesses a meeting between Cinderella, the Prince and the Fairy Godmother; and gets her hands on the magic wand, accidentally turning the Fairy into stone when she attempts to get it back.

Tremaine seizes the wand and uses it to travel into time, back when her daughters were trying the glass slipper. She then creates her own horrific version of a "happily ever after", more akin to a nightmare than a fantasy. She first bewitches the slipper to fit Anastasia's foot, verbally tormenting the bewildered Cinderella while making the second slipper "accidentally" fall in the staircase to destroy the evidence.

When the Tremaines are welcomed in the royal castle, the Prince remarks that Anastasia is not the one he is looking for but Lady Tremaine magically alters his memories, all this being witnessed by Cinderella's mice friends. When Cinderella learns that Lady Tremaine has the wand, she sneaks into the castle and enters their quarters to get it back, while covering her face and passing as a servant. But Lady Tremaine recognizes her immediately before unmasking her, sending the royal guards to have her exiled from the kingdom on a ship.He managed the National League 's Cincinnati Reds to the and championships, then added a third title in with the Detroit Tigers of the American League.

Anderson was the first manager to win the World Series in both leagues. His 2, career wins are the sixth-most for a manager in Major League history. Anderson was named American League Manager of the Year in and He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Anderson was born in Bridgewater, South Dakotaon February 22, He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of eight.

Anderson married Carol Valle on October 3, They had first met when each was in the fifth grade. Anderson began his playing career with the Santa Barbara Dodgers of the Class-C California Leaguewhere he was primarily used as a shortstop. A radio announcer gave him the nickname "Sparky" in for his feisty play. The next season, after the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles, he returned to Montreal. After five minor league seasons without appearing in a Dodger uniform at the MLB level, he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies on December 23, for three players, including outfielder Rip Repulski.

However, he batted only. Cooke immediately encouraged him to pursue a career in managing, offering Anderson the post for the Leafs. Inat the age of 30, Anderson accepted Cooke's offer to manage the Leafs.

He later handled minor league clubs at the Class-A and Double-A levels, including a season in the Reds' minor league system. During this period, he managed four pennant winners in four consecutive seasons: with the Rock Hill Cardinals of the Western Carolinas Leaguewith the St.

It was during the season that Anderson's club lost to Miami 4—3 in 29 innings, which remains the longest pro game played by innings without interruption. He made his way back to the majors in as the third-base coach of the San Diego Padres during their maiden season in the National League.

Just after the season ended, California Angels manager Lefty Phillipswho as a Dodger scout had signed the teenager Anderson to his first professional contract, [8] named Anderson to his coaching staff.

Within days of being hired in Anaheim, he was offered the opportunity to succeed Dave Bristol as manager of the Cincinnati Reds. His appointment reunited Anderson with Reds' general manager Bob Howsamwho had hired him as a minor-league skipper in the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati organizations.Dyer, described by The National Enquirer as 'a strapping year-old redhead ' who is a 'startling mirror image of Harry,' has been invited to Harry's upcoming May 19 wedding as a guest of honor.

It has long been incorrectly speculated that Prince Harry's real father was cavalry officer James Hewitt, whom Diana had an affair with during her marriage to Prince Charles.

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mark sparky phillips wiki

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Create a new password.Susan Gibney is an American actress. Gibney was born Septemberin Manhattan Beach, Californiashe moved to Webster, New Yorkat a young age, returned to California to live several times, returning to Webster in Leah Brahmsonce as a holodeck facsimile in the episode " Booby Trap " and as the real Dr. Brahms in " Galaxy's Child ". She was considered for the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyagerbut did not get the role, she was considered for the role of Seven of Nine and tested twice.

Susan Gibney on IMDb. The film was selected as the Serbian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 71st Academy Awardsbut was not accepted as a nominee. Hillbilly Moon Explosion is a Swiss rockabilly band founded in The group is known for a versatile mix of rock and roll, jump bluescountry, roots rock and surf music elements.

Hillbilly Moon Explosion originated in as part of the Zurich rockabilly scene; the group was founded by the native English and Swiss citizen Oliver Baroni and Italian-Swiss singer Emanuela Hutter. Oliver Baroni was planning to leave the Hillbilly Headhunters. The first demo tape was made in the same year. Emanuela Hutter was at the time bound by solo performances and did not enter the band until the following year. Frenchman Sylvain Petite took over drums.

George McFarland

In addition to touring and performing in Switzerlandthe band have performed in other European countries including GermanySpainFinlandCroatiaPoland and the UK. In both andthey toured the west coast of the US; the members of the group live around Zurich. Although some media outlets rate the band as a good rockabilly formation from Switzerland, Hillbilly Moon Explosion is still considered an underground band. List of anarchist communities. This is a list of anarchist communities representing any society or portion thereof founded by anarchists that functions according to anarchist philosophy and principles.

Anarchists have been involved in a wide variety of community experiments since the 19th century. There are numerous instances in which a community organizes itself along philosophically anarchist lines to promote regional anarchist movements, counter-economics and countercultures; these have included intentional communities founded by anarchists as social experiments and community oriented projects, such as collective organizations and cooperative businesses.Psychobilly is often associated with horror.

Initially, the band was disorganized, with Mark Phillips or "Sparky" [2] playing drums, Ant Thomas singing, Richard Jones playing bassand Steve Jordan, playing rhythm guitar with a gold-top Les Paul. The band's image was represented by Jones' red dyed hair and Jordan's leather trousers. Dick Thomas, a veteran musician of the punk-pub rock circuits, [1] joined the band in early and proceeded to reshuffle the line-up Thomas moved to drums and Phillips sang vocalstaught the bass player how to play his instrument, and, otherwise, consolidated the overall band.

After six weeks of rehearsals, the band's first gig was third on the bill to a line-up of Crass -type anarchist bands at the Sea Lion in Penarth and was met with good reception. Several years of playing everything from working men's clubs in the Rhondda to the red-light district in Hamburgturning up at the Klub Foot twenty minutes after they were due on stage. They recorded two songs for their first release on a compilation, Hell's Bent On Rockin' from Nervous Records[1] a well-known record label in the psychobilly scene.

Evans and Fleming left in latethe line-up then incorporated multi-instrumentalist Ray Thompson, who had been working with Dick on various side projects since The core members at this time remained Mark, Ant and Dick. The band moved to London in in an attempt to be closer to regular work. Ray's departure left a difficult hole to fill, which resulted in what became known as the "Month of a Thousand Bass Players", it was actually closer to a year, which involved getting ANYONE who knew how to play a Bass to fill the slot.

Undeterred, the then new double-bass player and songwriter, Graeme Grant, recruited Lex "Luther" at Dick's last Klubfoot gig [2] to replace Dick, who incidentally coached Lex to bring him up to speed with the band's material. Inthis was followed with the second full-length album, Kicked Out of Hell that reached high positions in the " indie " charts, in both the United Kingdom UK and abroad.

The band began extensively touring Europe and gained both a psychobilly and punk rock following. Inthe band was back in the studio with a new line-up. We're just going to write it.

Martens to adorn a range of boots in - some twenty-seven years after the album was first released. The group too then signed to psychobilly label Fury Records inwriting and recording their next full-length album Orgasmic Nightmare, which contained input from their former bassist. Demented would tour almost constantly for the next two years. The band then toured the west coast of the United States U.

They would again be known more for their wild stage show, which included on-stage sex with a vacuum cleaner. The band released the full-length album, Hellucifernationon Crazy Love Records in In MayDemented Are Go! Following the festival, Demented Are Go! During the summer ofPhillips was arrested numerous times on tour, resulting in further line-up changes.

The band continued touring, including a successful Japanese tour and another tour of the US; the US tour was led by Phillips, and included psychobilly scene stalwarts, Strangy double bass and Doyley guitaruntil September At the beginning of a US tour, Phillips was detained by US immigration authorities due to his criminal history; he was subsequently sent back to England.

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