Browning 338 lapua

It was developed during the s as a high-powered, long-range cartridge for military snipers. It was used in the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq War.

As a result of this, it became more widely available. The loaded cartridge is British military issue overpressure.

In addition to its military role, it is increasingly used by hunters and civilian long-range shooting enthusiasts.

browning 338 lapua

After preliminary experiments, a. One of the disadvantages of these old cartridge cases, which were intended for firing cordite charges instead of modern smokeless powderis the thickness of the sidewall just forward of the web.

During ignition, the cartridge's base, just forward of the bolt face, is not supported. Pressed by military deadlines RAI looked for another case producer and contacted Lapua of Finland in Subsequently, Lapua of Finland put this cartridge into limited production.

The current. Lapua opted to redesign the. In the new case design, particular attention was directed toward thickening and metallurgically strengthening the case's web and sidewall immediately forward of the web. In modern solid head cases, the hardness of the brass is the major factor that determines a case's pressure limit before undergoing plastic deformation.

Lapua tackled this problem by creating a hardness distribution ranging from the head and web hard to the mouth soft as well as a strengthened thicker case web and sidewall immediately forward of the web.

Lapua also designed a The result was the. This was achieved by coupling a sensible case volume 7. Good factory loads, multiple projectile weights and factory special application ammunition are all available. Due to its growing civilian popularity, several high quality tactical and match semi custom bolt actions designed for the. These semi custom bolt actions are used with other high grade rifle and sighting components to build custom sporting and target rifles.

It is being groomed to replace the. On June 17,the U. Remington Defense produces the sniper rifles and utilizes two other companies for other system components, with Barnes Bullets for ammunition and Advanced Armament Corporation for muzzle brakes and suppressors; all three companies are subsidiaries of Remington Outdoor Company.

Extremely thick-walled brass results in a 7. The exterior shape of the case was designed to promote reliable feeding and extraction in bolt actionsemi-automaticand automatic firearms alike, under extreme conditions. According to the official C. This now prevails over the C. This means that.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America.

browning 338 lapua

Would you like to visit Browning International? There is a lot of talk on the internet these days about what makes the Browning X-Bolt achieve accuracy that used to be reserved for custom rifles. In this video independently produced by GoHunt. The GoHunt team came to Browning headquarters in Utah and asked the important questions. The X-Bolt is free-floated by bedding the front and rear of the action for stability and to help maintain barrel to stock spacing for consistent accuracy.

A recessed muzzle crown helps protect the rifling from damage. The X-Bolt's new three-lever Feather Trigger provides a clean, crisp pull with no take-up or creep and minimal overtravel. Read more The benefits are obvious, with the bases being secured at all four corners.

This recoil pad has proprietary construction and material to promote a directional deflection of recoil forces, pulling the stock comb away from your face to reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb.

browning 338 lapua

The bolt unlock button works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an added measure of safety during checking and unloading of the chamber. An all new detachable rotary magazine is incorporated into the X-Bolt. Constructed from a durable lightweight polymer, the magazine is designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt.

Have you watched the video series on the X-Bolt? Browning broke new ground with the X-Bolt in Since the beginnings of the company, with John Moses Browning as our chief designer and inventor, ground-breaking innovation has been in our blood.

338 Win Mag, Bear Hunting. Black Bear, Kuiu Island, Alaska.

You be the judge. Willi puts together hunts the way ordinary hunters can. He is a DIY guy that hunts public land. That means he has to work harder and smarter to achieve success. Watch his video above that explains why he chooses the Browning X-Bolt. This is for illustration purposes only.

300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Picking The Right Heavy Hitter

Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. X-Bolt Product Overviews. X-Bolt Categories. Current Production.Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings.

Refine Your Search. Standard Bolt Act Accutrigger Model Remington Rifles Precision Rifle S HS Precision Rifl Other Bolt Action Dakota Arms Rifle AR Rifles - Sm Cooper Arms Rifle Winchester Rifles Class 3 Suppresso Sort by Fired 50 rounds, bore snaked after every 5 rounds.For instance, the AR came from a U. Air Force trial and. If you are considering a. Read on to find out more! What is a. Here are some common uses for a. Imagine being able to land a big game target like a deer or an elk.

And doing so from a good to 1, yards out. So if you are looking to give a few long-range rifles a spin, the. You can put this up here with a good long-range rifle like your 6. As long as you have paper targets or clay pigeons, you should be good to go. If you are competing in long-range competitions, accuracy and reach will be a couple of your best attributes. It takes the right kind of environmental conditions and the right technique to pull off such a shot.

Nothing more impressive than a. Further development continued with a case based on the. The final solution was the. It is a specialized, rimless, bottle-necked cartridge with superior trajectory and bullet penetration qualities compared to the usual. Military reports from recent conflicts confirmed kills at over 2, yards 2,musing a British Accuracy International LA3 sniper rifle chambered in. The Finnish. That description tells us a lot about its impressive long-range capability as a dual-purpose, anti-personnel, and anti-materiel AMR cartridge.

Initially, the. However, due to its extreme kinetic energy, the.Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for special offers, discount coupons and more. LOG IN. Bolt Break Open Falling Block Lever Pump Rolling Block 6.

Semi-Auto Single 1. Single Shot 5. Sliding Breechblock 1. Other Adams Arms Adcor Defense 6. Advanced Armament Corp 3. Alexander Arms 3. American Tactical Anderson Manufacturing APF Armory 1.

Armalite Arsenal Inc. Auto-Ordnance Corp Barrett Firearms BCI Defense 9. Benelli Firearms 9.Reloading for the Lapua is much like reloading for any other cartridge, but certain exceptions are out there. As with any reloading information you find on the internet, you assume your own risk. Use your head and a few reloading manuals. Most of the bullets in. Some will expand, but performance on game is not as controlled as it will be with a purpose built hunting bullet.

Here are some of the bullet options out there for the Lapua. A lot of long range hunters like to use their grain SMK for hunting, but Sierra does not recommend this bullet for hunting.

The Lapua in a grain bullet produces a ton of power so any bullet that hits bone, fragments, or expands is going to do lots of damage. Hornady has a traditional grain BTHP. Their grain interbond might survive impact well given the bonded jacket. Their grain SST might not, but your mileage may vary. Lots of hunters on LongRangeHunting. Lapua has a and grain Scenar bullet, though there have been comments that the jacket is too strong and that the bullets frequently fail to expand or do much of anything except banana or pinhole through much like an FMJ.

Below is a table showing Lapua bullets and comparing stated G1 Ballistic Coefficients, weights, and styles. One other issue you may run across is disparity in what the max length of cases should be.

From reading on a few forums as well as experience with my Savage Long Range Hunter in Lapuait seems that the Savage chambers are cut a bit tight. There are 2 official case trim lengths given out there as well as an unofficial best practice length. LEE recommends a max case length of 2. I personally experienced high pressure signs in my Savage whenever the trim length got above 2. On the plus side, the tighter chambers on the Savage will mean longer brass life and potentially better accuracy.

Personally, I trim to 2. At grain bullets, Retumbo seems to be the best one to start with. Nothing special needed here. The Lapua Magnum can be reloaded in pretty much any standard press. Reloading dies for the Lapua are out there, but it can be a bit hard to find them in stock anywhere.

A scour of all the largest hunting equipment suppliers here in Edmonton turned up dry for me, so I had to mail order my dies. Neck sizing dies are available from a variety of manufacturers, but regularly priced bushing and collet neck dies are not really available. Redding has a great bushing die, but the price is also pretty high. The Lapua brass is stronger, more uniform, and will ultimately last longer.

Do not bother with the other makes of brass. By Adriel on August 11, in Reloading. Reloading for 7mm Remington. Please think of the environment before printing this website.Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search.

Sort by This production rifle features a polished blue finish, 24 inch b Gun : This is a Browning BAR mag. If you hunt "out west" or need long distance shots this gun is for you. It is a Semi Auto with a clip. It has a 3 x 9 scope.

.338 Lapua rifles For Sale

It is in Very Good cond The blueing shows a couple of the GA Sales: Collectors, this a top condition Belgium made Browning Medallion Grade in the hard-hitting Winchester Magnum. It has beautiful XX wood and is of course a pre-saltwood gun The X-Bolt stalker isn't flashy, but it is durable, accurate, simple and has all the elegan The X-Bolt Medallion bolt action rifle is presented with a fine gloss-finished, checkered walnu Browning BAR Magazines.

No Additional Credit Card Fees! These are brand new Browning factory magazines, made in Italy.


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